Meet Topo Mini, the slimmed down Topo

Topo Mini delivers the unique combination of micro and macro movements, that make Topo the dynamic standing mat, in a smaller package.

The key to using Topo is frequent movement across the calculated terrains. These movements engage and activate our muscles and improve circulation, benefits that are lacking from static standing.

Moving around on the Topo terrains in a combination of stances, articulates joints and activates muscles. These movements energise, improve circulation and make standing healthier.

The scaled down size of the Topo Mini makes performing these movements and stances more comfortable for users 165m (5’4″) or under without losing the benefits of the Topo terrains.

An added benefit of the Topo Mini is that it can also be used by people with smaller work areas.

Not just another standing mat

Topo is a meticulously designed mat that has been created specifically with standing desk users in mind.

Topo activates static standers.

Static standing leads to postural fatigue, which forces people into unhealthy positions. Adding standing position variations alleviates cramping and other discomforts associated with unnatural positions.

The objective of Topo is to unlock the true benefits of using a standing desk by making standing dynamic and keeping users moving and healthy.

A comparison of the movement of standing on a flat mat, versus a Topo.

All the benefits of Topo – the calculated terrain and the engineered material – have been massaged into a smaller package to deliver Topo Mini.

Topo Mini makes it easier for people with shorter statures or are short on space to use Topo.

Topo or Topo Mini?

How do you decide which Topo is right for you?

Topo Mini has been designed to accommodate users that are 165cm (5’4″) or shorter, or users with smaller work spaces, without sacrificing the features and benefits of Topo.

The design specifications for Topo Mini is for users up to 108kgs. For users above 108kgs, support/compression reaches the limit of specifications when used with US men’s size 10 shoe.

Shoes size affects weight distribution, so for a heavier user, larger feet provide improved support.

The mat may still provide an acceptable experience for a user weighing more than 108kgs, but with the material compound, the performance will not achieve our exacting design specification and Topo is recommended.

Topo Mini

Topo Mini is best for you if:

You are 165cm (5’4″) or shorter

Your work space is a bit tight


Topo is best for you if:

You are taller than 165cm (5’4″)

There is ample space under your desk

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  • Unlocks true benefits of standing desks

  • Calculated terrain facilitates blood flow and encourages healthy movement

  • Easy hands-free position let’s you slide the mat on various floor surfaces

  • One-piece highly durable and comfortable foam

  • Slimmed down so that the terrains occupy a smaller area that people that 165cm (5’4″) or shorter can use comfortably and effectively

  • A smaller footprint for people with smaller work areas



1.8 kgs






63mm (at heighest point)




100% polyurethane foam

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