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Kinesis Freestyle 2 for PC Keyboard – 50cm of separation

Product Code KB800PB-us-2
Description The Kinesis Freestyle 2 – 50 cm is a keyboard that is adjustable to suit different users body type by having variable splay of 50cm.
  • Up to 50cm of separation between the two keyboard sides
  • The tether between the two sides of the keyboard is flexible and allows of infinite range of splay
  • Low profile design, with zero degree slope from front to back
  • Tactile and low force keys
  • 10 hot keys
  • USB Plug & Play
Technical Specifications Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Sun & Linux
USB connection
Dimensions 390mm wide when two sides are pushed together
Colour Black
Pack Quantity 1
Buy Quantity 1
Download Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard Data Sheet
Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard Accessories Data Sheet

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