Ergonomics and design in the workplace

The new DocuGlide Plus stands for modern design combined with ergonomics and functionality.

Combining the functions of a document holder and a writing slope, the DocuGlide Plus also includes many storage options.

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Maintaining and promoting health

Working ergonomically with the DocuGlide Plus makes it easier to capture texts and documents thanks to the optimal viewing angle. The DocuGlide Plus supports a healthy sitting position and at the same time works actively against back and neck problems.

Avoid mistakes, increase performance

DocuGlide Plus promotes concentration and increases performance. By positioning the documents in a line between the monitor and keyboard, input errors are reduced.

When using as a document holder, documents are at the optimal viewing angle between the keyboard and monitor. The text can be read without turning your head or straining your eyes.

The DocuGlide Plus can be used as a writing slope when extended over the keyboard, reducing twisting, improving workflow and expanding the usable workspace.

Key features

  • Fits between your monitor and keyboard, encouraging better posture and improving workflow.

  • When pulled forward over the keyboard for document editing or note-taking, the need for reaching or twisting is reduced.

  • The inclined surface creates an angled view for reading documents.

  • Storage space for stationery and other items is accessible when the writing surface is pulled down.







80mm – 130mm


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