The Perfect Pair

Introducing the ultimate bundle in workstation comfort and productivity.

The Contour Ultimate Workstation reduces the distance between the mouse and keyboard while keeping the user’s body in a neutral posture, delivering comfort and increased productivity like no other.

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The RollerMouse Red Wireless

Using the RollerMouse Red Wireless, stops reaching for the mouse, saving time and strain on forearms, elbows, and shoulders. RollerMouse Red Wireless also eliminates gripping, which can cause strain and pain in the hand.

Learn more about the RollerMouse Red Wireless here.

The Contour Balance Keyboard

A compact sized keyboard, with a full 9-digit number pad and a minimised edge in front of the space bar, Balance Keyboard ensures that reach is minimal, and your posture stays neutral. Add to that a negative tilt option and you can see why the Balance Keyboard is the perfect partner for the RollerMouse Red Wireless.

Learn more about the Balance Keyboard here.

Key features

RollerMouse Red

Balance Keyboard

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