The perfect partner for your keyboard

Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest is designed for anyone who uses the popular Balance Keyboard without a RollerMouse.

Simply place it in front of your keyboard to achieve a more comfortable and effective support for your hands and wrists, and a more ergonomic working position.

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Optimal comfort and better support for your wrists

Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest has a soft core which disperses pressure and improves your hand position. Combining the Wrist Rest with the Balance Keyboard provides an ergonomic solution which angles your hands at a negative tilt; the optimal position for typing.

Optimal Support

With its soft cushion, the wrist rest delivers ideal support for your wrists and hands while you work.

Perfect Fit

The wrist rest fits perfectly with the Balance Keyboard to enhance your ergonomic experience.

Optimise your Balance Keyboard

Designed to work with the Balance Keyboard when you are not using a RollerMouse. Simply slide the wrist rest in front of your Balance Keyboard to provide yourself with a comfortable, ergonomic posture.

Comfort and performance

The Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest comes with a soft foam core that helps disperse pressure on your hands and wrists while typing. Combined with the compact size of the Balance Keyboard, it puts users in a good ergonomic posture allowing them to work throughout the day without experiencing pain and fatigue.

Key features

  • Compatible with Contour Balance Keyboard

  • Cushioned supports helps disperse pressure on your hands and wrists while typing








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