Experience the comfort of a Score saddle stool

All Score saddle stools have an ergonomically shaped saddle seat, that promotes the natural S curve of the spinal column and thus a less tiring and healthy back posture.

The saddle provides excellent sitting discipline, it is difficult to slouch and not possible to sit with your legs crossed. The saddle shape automatically positions your spine in a natural healthy position – provided that the height of the chair is correctly adjusted.

Meet the Jumper Balance

The Jumper Balance is the wider of the Score saddle stools and features the unique Balance rocking mechanism.

This sophisticated Balance mechanism moves the seat in the direction of the centre of gravity of the user’s upper body when changing posture. The pelvis and the spinal column stay in balance, and pressure points such as the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone are relieved of pressure.

Combined with an adjustable height range of 19cm the Jumper Balance is an ergonomic stool that encourages active sitting and can be used as a seat at a standard desk or perch at a standing desk and ensures a healthy back posture.

The height and the balance movement of the Jumper Balance can be adjusted via the rotatable ring.

The Jumper seat

The Jumper is the wider of the seat options, measuring 44cm across.

All Score seats have anatomically shaped saddles that tilt the pelvis and create a relaxed back posture.

The ergonomic saddle designs offer superior comfort and minimise the effect of pressure points on the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone.

The Jumper seat size is recommended for users with a hip circumference of 104cm or more. This equates to a woman’s dress size of 14 or more and men’s pant size of 34 or more.

The Balance feature

The Score Balance models encourage “active seating” by a unique multi-directional rocking mechanism that is adjustable to your preferred level of movement.

The adjustable Balance mechanism ensures that the saddle seat moves along in the same direction as the user, which balances them on the saddle seat.

This active way of sitting promotes circulation and trains and strengthens the back muscles. The rotatable ring determines the degree of movement. The tighter the ring is adjusted, the less movement and vice versa.

Unlike traditional saddle stools, the Score Balance mechanism stimulates the muscles in the lower back improving muscle tone and strength reducing back pain and sitting fatigue.

Height adjustment

The Score saddle stools can be used in conjunction with either standard desk or sit to stand desks.

The Jumper Balance has a height adjustment range of 19cm, this range allows the Jumper Balance to be used as a stool at a standard desk or as a perch stool at at standing desk.

To adjust the Jumper Balance seat height, pull up on the rotatable ring.

The optimum sitting position on a saddle chair is when a 110 to 135-degree angle is created between the thighs and the upper body.

This will automatically position your spine in a natural healthy “S” curve.

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  • Patented adjustable Balance rocking mechanism that encourages active seating.

  • Wider of the seat options, measuring 44cm across. Recommended for users with a hip circumference of 104cm or more.

  • Hand controlled height adjustment with gas spring.

  • 19cm range of height adjustment.

  • Can be used at a standard desk or as a perch stool at a standing desk.

  • Large swivel castors – For maximum freedom of movement.

  • Compact base – Sit closer to your work area than you would with a standard chair base.




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6.5cm in diameter

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